Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wage Gap Between Women and Men's Soccer

The wage gap between the US men's soccer team and women's soccer team is unfair and needs to be addressed. When the women's team wins a match they get $1,300, while men are paid around $17,000 for winning. If the women's team loses they get paid nothing, meanwhile the men are still paid $5,00 for losing a match. Women's soccer team has won three world cups while the men's team has only made it to round 16. Men's soccer is ranked 30th in the world, while women is ranked #1 in the world. Also the US women's soccer team has broken the record for the most watched soccer game, between both men and women. While the women's team has brought in millions in profits, the men's team has lost money. So why is women's soccer still getting paid less? They have proven they are just as good and even better than the men's team. All they want is what is fair and right. We are in the year 2016 and still women are being treated inferior to men. It is time women start standing up and speaking out for what is right. Women work just as hard as men, so we should be paid the same.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers is about how young people are using social media and the internet to make a difference and start a change. A young girl named Tavi started her own fashion blog called Style Rookie at the age of 12, and by the use of the internet she made a career for herself and is now inspiring kids everywhere to follow there dreams. Since she started this blog at such a young age she was able to relate to how teenagers feel and tell the truth on what really goes on when you're a teenager. She gained support by telling the truth and creating a realistic view of a teenagers life and giving support to them. For a 12 year old girl to start a blog that can help teenagers deal with their problems is amazing and shows people no matter how old you are your voice can make a difference.

Powtoon and Visme Review

In my class called Digital Citizenship we are constantly making new projects and one of the criteria for the projects is to have a different platform than previously used. Because of this I have had the opportunity to explore and use all different types of platforms, the two I am going to review in this blog is Powtoon and Visme.
    The app Powtoon is a way for someone to make and share out presentations. You are able to add fun and cool effects to your slides that make the presentation eye catching and different than normal, boring presentations. There is a wide variety of themes and effects to choose from, so you never have to settle for the same things. The app is very easy to navigate through and to set up your slides. Whenever I have a project due in my other classes this app is my go to, so I would recommend this to anyone in need of a platform for a project coming up.
    The app Visme is similar to Powtoon, it is a platform for presentations, but doesn't have the same eye catching effects as Powtoon. In the Visme app you are able to create presentations, infographics, and reports. I recently used this app to make a presentation, but had trouble figuring out the slide transition. I contacted their support team, but unfortunately never heard back, so I was unable to get a finish product for that project. I would recommend this app to someone making a business presentation because the app is simple and keeps everything well organized.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Youtube Review

The app youtube is used for sharing videos for learning purposes or just for entertainment. Youtube has videos on news, sports, music, tutorials, etc. You are able to post videos, view videos, subscribe to users and like or dislike videos. There is an infinite amount of videos in a click of a button, all you have to do is type the topic you are interested in, in the search bar and click search. You are able to access all the videos under that topic which others have post. You are also able to subscribe to other users and follow what they post, this helps you keep up with recent news or topics. Youtube is great source to use when looking up how to do something, the app is well organized and easy to navigate through. Unfortunately Youtube has a dislike button which I believe is not necessary to have included in the app, a dislike button makes the people posting videos feel insecure and restricted. Also I feel Youtube needs to do a better job of checking on comments on videos, some comments can be hurtful and disrespectful to others. For appeal and sound I gave Youtube a 4 out of 4 because the sound quality is great and the quality of the videos is clear. For engagement and motivation I gave youtube a 4 as well because everyone is connected through the videos and comments and is able to share ideas with each other and learn from each other. Youtube has user friendly directions and instructions, you are able to set up an account and subscribe to others rather easily, which is why I gave this category a 4. Youtube is a very easy app to find what you are looking for and functions well; it loads results and videos fast, and gives results that are related to the topic, giving it a 4 in performance/ ease of use. Lastly In differentiation of learning I gave Youtube a 4 because you are able to learn in all different ways with the videos, whether it's a slideshow, lesson, or experiment. Overall the app Youtube is a 20 out of 20, its performance, quality, ease of use, etc all were up to my standards just a few fixes with monitoring comments/videos would make this app a 21 out of 20.  

The screenshot above shows that while on Youtube I was able to search Syracuse basketball and 679,000 results came up that were relevant to this topic.

Also this screenshot above shows while using the app I was able to subscribe to the Syracuse Basketball page to follow and keep up with what they post.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Your Social Media Account Can Affect Your Future

A few days ago I learned that the use of social media may affect your future. After hearing from Betsy Kane, who works in admissions for SUNY Plattsburgh, I now realize how important it is to create a positive image of yourself on social media. She told us that colleges are now starting to dig into applicant's digital tattoos to see the type of person they are. That's why it is important for teens who are soon to be applying to college to make sure they are being smart when using social media. Not only does social media affect your chances of getting into college or getting a job it also can affect your safety. I learned from Deputy Stapleton that putting your location out on social media gives the chance for someone to rob your house or find you. This can prevented by being smart when posting a photo, never share your location or post a photo revealing your location. Also never post something sharing too much of your personal life because that can also be used to find you or hack into your accounts. Everyone needs to make sure they are using their social media accounts in a safe and positive way because you never know who is watching.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Your Digital Tattoo Will Leave a Permanent Mark On You

If someone was to look me up on the internet I think they would see pictures of me playing sports and my sports team, and also old pictures of me when I first started social media. If people saw my digital tattoo they would think I play softball and basketball. I do not think I share too much online, but some pictures of me pop up of when I was in middle school. Unfortunately when I was in middle school I did not protect my profiles on social media, so there are a few pictures of me with my friends from a few years ago. They are not inappropriate pictures but they could reveal my personal life as to where I live. The good thing is that these pictures from my digital tattoo will not harm or ruin my chances of getting into college or a job. My level of digital citizenship is average, I should be smarter and not reveal where I am in the moment, but I do a good job of creating a good image of myself.